Unsolicited Praise for Allison Gilbert, LMFT

"I am so lucky to have found you.  I feel like myself for the first time in ages.  What a relief it is to know I have the resources to handle the things life throws my way!"


"I owe you BIG TIME for being my mentor and guide through this horrendous period in my life. Your compassion, understanding and humility were instrumental in getting me through. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"


"Here's a list of several things you've helped me with this year!

-You taught me how to say no, and more importantly, that it is ok to say no.

-You helped me realize that I have feelings too! Not just everyone else in my life.

-You taught me that it's ok to spend my own money w/in reason. This has helped me tremendously.

-You forced me to look at my family and upbringing in ways I had never thought about. I think that has helped me to better understand myself and many of my actions.

-You've taught me to be less hard on myself.

-You taught me that it's ok to be angry! (and how to resolve it when I am)

-You have helped me learn how to communicate better with my mom.

-You have helped me find more balance and have helped me realize that it's ok to relax (what I used to think was wasting time)."


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